Snappy Design Copy is an application for Autodesk Inventor users who are spending quite some time on renaming files when using Vault Basic or iLogic Design Copy. Snappy Design Copy also comes with very useful features that are not available in Vault Basic or iLogic Design Copy. Snappy Design Copy works with all Autodesk Inventor versions from 2015 and above.

Snappy Design Copy is unique in its features and only available here at 3D Norm.

Snappy Design Copy by 3D Norm

  What makes Snappy Design Copy unique:
  • No more renaming Component for Component.
    Renaming a whole project, including drawings is done with only 2 pieces of information and 1 click.

  • Update all components to the new Revision.
    The new Revision can be updated in all the new Components, including the Revision in the new Drawing Sheet names.

  • Update all components to the new Issue Status.
    The new Issue Status can be updated in all the new Components.

  • Update Drawing Numbers in Components and Drawing Sheets.
    The new Drawing Numbers can be updated in all the new Components,
    including renaming of all Drawing Sheets to the new Drawing Numbers, new Revision included.

  • Superseded Revision Table rows removed.
    When Revision Tables are used all superseded Revision Table rows will be removed
    from the new Drawings and only 1 row is left for the new Revision and Issue Status.

Snappy Design Copy will also take care of linked Excel files, linked Part files and also linked Components in Derived Assemblies; there will be no links to the original Components, unless items are excluded from Design Copy. All Non-Project Specific Components (Standard Components) will not be effected by Snappy Design Copy; they will not be copied, altered or replaced during the Copy Design process.


Save 100% of time by not having to rename Component by Component.
Save 100% of time by not having to update the Revision Component by Component & Sheet by Sheet.
Save 100% of time by not having to update the Issue Status Component by Component.
Save 100% of time by not having to rename the Drawing Numbers Component by Component & Sheet by Sheet.
Save 100% of time by not having to remove Revision Table rows Drawing File by Drawing File or
Sheet by Sheet if option Active Sheet is used.

Save time and money by letting Snappy Design Copy doing the hard yards for you.

Snappy Design Copy Dashboard

Download Snappy Design Copy Manual


The way Snappy Design Copy works:

  1. Select your the Main Assembly to be copied
  2. Select the Drawing(s) to be copied, related to that Main Assembly.
  3. Exclude Components if necessary.
  4. Provide Characters to replace and the Characters to replace with.
  5. Provide some information in update options.
  6. Let Snappy Design Copy copy your project (It is that easy!)

Snappy Design Copy will present a list with all updated information when the copy process is finished.

Component with updated links.


Original Drawing shown below


The new drawing shown below

Note the differences in Sheet Names.
Also note the differences on the sheets, Issue Status, Revision Table and Revision.

When no drawings are to be copied, the option to change drawing numbers will not be available.


Update Options

Snappy Design Copy can be configured in such way that it will use the settings every time Snappy Design Copy is used.
Use the Standard iProperties or use the Custom iProperties.

To make sure that Company Standards are met, a database can be introduced on the local network so that everyone in the office will have the same settings, only a Snappy Design Copy Administrator can change the settings.


Save time and money by trying Snappy Design Copy today.