There is (finally) a tool for checking your Autodesk Inventor Projects.

Snappy Checker is an application that checks your project and presents a list of possible issues it has found. Snappy Checker is a very sophisticated application for Autodesk Inventor, its development is based on many years of practical experience and is a 'must have' for every Autodesk Inventor user. Snappy Checker works with Autodesk Inventor version 2015 and above

Snappy Checker is a unique application and is only available here at 3D Norm.
Save money by avoiding those ugly costly mistakes that could have been easily prevented from happening.
Save time by not having to go through item by item, sheet by sheet yourself.
Save time and money by letting Snappy Checker doing the hard yards for you.

Snappy Checker by 3D Norm

  What does Snappy Checker check:
  • Part Name filled out.
  • Description filled out.
  • Design Status filled out.
  • Revision filled out.
  • Quantity filled out + check if it is correct.
  • Drawing Number filled out + check if it is correct.
  • Revision Table present + overwritten values.
  • Double Items present in the drawing file(s).
  • Redundant Views in the drawing file(s).
  • Number of views.
  • Empty Drawing Sheets in the drawing file(s)
  • Drawing Border present.
  • Drawing Title Block present.
  • Flat Pattern generated and present on a drawing sheet.
  • Bill of Material (Parts List) + items ballooned + overwritten values.
  • Broken dimensions.
  • Overwritten Dimensions + what the dimension should be.


The way Snappy Checker works:

  1. Select your Main Assembly
  2. Select the drawing(s) related to that Main Assembly
  3. Let Snappy Checker check your project (It is that easy!)

Snappy Checker will present a list with possible issues. Items such as Library Parts, Content Center Parts, Purchased Items can be excluded from checking and isolation options are available such as Drawings Details, Double Items, Drawing Numbers and many more. Assembly, Parts or Drawing related issues can also be isolated and they will be presented in different colours.

Project has been checked, showing all possible issues.

Snappy Checker will check your updates when you are ready for it; check your updates any time you want.
You forgot to save your update(s)? Snappy Checker has got you covered! Snappy Checker updates and saves all open documents before checking your updates.


Snappy Checker checks certain items by default, things that every Designer or Detailer uses as standard but there are items that can be used with different settings. That has been covered as well. You can choose what should be included in the check and with iProperty should be used. For offices who require that Company Standards are met, a database can be introduced on the local network so that everyone in the office will have the same settings, only a Snappy Checker Administrator can change the settings.

Correcting issues are made easy!

There is no need to find the file or drawing sheet where the issue has been found, the buttons "Open Issue" in the "List of possible issues" of "Open File" in the "List of Components" will bring you straight to the component where the issue is.

Changing the BOM Structure of a component can be done using within Snappy Checker by selecting a value in the dropdown list.

If an iProperty value needs to be changed, the button "Change iProperties" in the "List of possible issues" will open a window where you can change and update the value of iProperties.

Another feature that makes correcting issues easier is using the "Isolation Options".

Or you can use the "Issues per Sheet Browser" to walk through your drawing file(s).


Save time and money by trying Snappy Checker today.